Terra Incognita – Fragments Of A Ruined Mind (Review)


Terra Incognita – Fragments Of A Ruined


Release date: November 2017
Label: Symmetry Records
Music Style: Heavy metal, Power metal

Track list:

1. Strahds Revenge 02:03
2. My Emptiness 04:07
3. In the Mist 03:27
4. The Word 03:59
5. A Day without Loss 01:46
6. Conqueror 04:26
7. Life Begins Again 05:25
8. The Midnight Lies 03:46
9. Covenant 05:18
10. Sign with Blood 04:11
11. My Ruined Mind 05:58


Fragments Of A Ruined Mind is the name of the latest album from Terra Incognita, a heavy metal quintet from Athens.  Terra IncΩgnita was born in 2010. In 2011 they self-release their first album, “Barren Land”, which was received favourably by the press – including Metal Hammer and the song OUTCOME will become their first official music video. Their new effort named Fragments Of A Ruined mind, is released by the newly found Symmetric Records.

The band is playing simple and straight ‘in your face’ heavy metal, which sounds familiar almost immediately. Their sound is a mix of Iced Earth and Sanctuary with a few lyrical ‘Fates Warning’ moments. The song arrangements are simple but effective. You can’t expect a huge variety of sounds and musical elements here, but nothing sounds ‘lazy’ or rushed. You’ll listen to well played metal songs in all their glory.

The mix and the sound production in general was a pleasant surprise! Bob Katsionis (producer), managed to capture the band’s raw feeling plus their more ‘sensitive’ moments by giving a very balanced and ‘easy to listen’ sound result. The rhythm section is clear and ‘punchy’, guitars sound ‘full’ and heavy, clean parts are atmospheric enough and the vocals by Billy Vass ‘sit comfortably’ on top of the instrument layers. Billy’s voice and performance give a lyrical and a bit ‘tragic’ aspect to the songs which ‘fits’ perfectly most of the times. Vocals are definitely one of the strongest elements of terra incognita even if some times  a bit of variety in singing expressions is left to be desired.

It’s obvious that the band has given a lot of love and effort into this powerful and straight forward recording. Terra Incognita are doing a lot of things right with this album and they are definitely on the right path for the ‘bigger leagues’. They have the sound, they have the technical abilities and the vocals this genre needs.

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What they are missing is some originality and ‘attitude’ in their songwriting. Something ‘exciting’ to give a bit of ‘fresh air’ to their old school approach. It’s definitely an achievement to prove that you can play as good as Iced Earth or even Sanctuary, but the hard part is to be ‘you’ based on your influences. Terra Incognita have made an excellent start, let’s see if they can prove that they have ‘the last piece of the puzzle’ with their 3rd album.

Till then, definitely listen to ‘Fragments Of A Ruined Mind” . It’s a well made album with some very interesting moments that’s definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of the genre.

Highlight tracks: Life Begins Again, In The Mist

Well done!


Fragments Of A Ruined Mind” is a well made album with some very interesting moments that’s definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of the genre.



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