Sorrows Path – Touching Infinity (REVIEW)


Album Review

Sorrows Path – Touching Infinity

Release date: 22 September 2017
Music Style: Doom Metal
1. Intro to Infinity
2. Fantasies Will Never Die
3. Leneh
4. My Chosen God
5. Metaphysical Song
6. The Subconscious
7. Beauty
8. Forgiveness
9. Revival of Feminine Grandeur
10. Touching Infinity

Sorrows Path’ is a refreshing blast from the past. Their current album ‘Touching Infinity’ reminds me of Queensrÿche, Sanctuary and the likes in their best days.
The band has poured a lot of love and effort into this atmospheric, emotional recording.

The album opens with the strategically placed, strong track ‘Fantasies will never die’. Unfortunately the rest of the album seem to be mixed in a different way. All instruments sound like they had to make room for the voice which is too piercing for my liking.

Song structure gets a bit lost on tracks like ’The Subconscious’ where guitar and vocals wander off a bit. More compact, straight forward songs would make the band more contemporary and might introduce them to a younger audience.
But the album reveals the bands unique identity and the songs showcase a well thought out theme. Fans of the genre will also be delighted with the fantasy driven, meaningful lyrics.

The band clearly has great musicians and i wish they would show more of their fighting spirit and raw energy on the recording. They can clearly take the ‘next step’ with their music and maybe surprise us with their next release.

Definitely check them out on Youtube and Facebook.


Very Good


The band has poured a lot of love and effort into this atmospheric, emotional recording. It’s missing certain elements that would make it shine, but the fans of the genre should definitely give it a go.



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