Project Renegade – The New Joker (Official Music Video 4K)


“The New Joker” is one of our – if not the most -beloved songs on ourecord “Order of the Minus”. It deals with the reoccurring subject of “acting like a charlatan in order to be liked and feel loved, only to end up being cast out of the social norms and end up hating yourself, hating life and everyone around you”. It dabbles into being bullied and confused all your life about what you truly see behind the wall of lies that people are trying to establish as the “norm”. This song aims to inspire people to come together and rise above the darkness of this world as one, and to empower those in suffering to take a stand and fight back for a better life that we can enjoy in unity and peace. #unitythroughdiversity

Video Credits:

Directed by Angel Saft

Dancer/Monster: Roza

Faceless: Surehuinel, Nick K.

Faceless Photographs: Hope DiKappa

Backstage Photographer: Konstantinos Kapernaros

Backstage Photographer Assistant: Vasilis Kavouras

Backstage Video: Konstantinos Kapernaros

Make-up Artist: Katerina Vlachou

Make-up Assistants: Dimitris Anastasopoulos, Christine Peremislina

Hairstylist: Madam Pinky

Production: Crystal View Entertainment



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