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Escapade + Special Guests O2 Islington – August 25th


Escapade are a 4 piece britpop and psychedelic rock band currently touring the UK fresh on the back of winning the national SoundWaves Music Competition UK in Birmingham reaching their goals. 2018 is being the moment they make a rich impact on the British rock scene, a mission a great many more are already climbing on board with. Promising a huge stage show, this is not to be missed. This show features more special guests from pop music to rock from the Subwaves Studios Roster including:

Before Sunday
Sean Lomas

Date: Saturday, August 25 at 6 PM – 10 PM

Venue: O2 Academy Islington, London



Special Guests:

Before Sunday

Before Sunday is a band with a raw, energetic and personal attitude. Their sound blurs the lines between different genres, including pop, rock and alternative, revealing a rather eclectic approach to songwriting and a very impressive musicianship across the board.
The London combo has been pretty busy making new music as of late, and they recently released their brand new studio effort. ‘Obsessions’ is the new intimate and emotional single of Before Sunday. Sia blends with Radiohead and gives an intense but catchy and melodic result!
Don’t forget to check out their previous release “No Destination”, a well produced song with a lot of energy and grit, inspired by the edge of indie-rock and the jarring charisma of blues with an R&B twist.
Instagram: beforesundayband
Before Sunday is a band with a raw, energetic and personal attitude. Don’t miss em!


Fun, entertaining, heavy, very loud and awesome Rock N’ Roll.
The band’s approach to music is based on fun and release. Fun in the context of our own motto “If it’s not fun, there’s no point in doing it”. Release in the context where every member in this band find here a place and environment to release all the stress, anger, sadness, etc.
Their music style is wedged between the crevices of rock, grunge, metal with almost unintentional pop choruses. Yet, they have been told many times that we have a “nice, heavy sound”. This came from the mix of influences present in every member of the band, which can be from progressive to punk rock, from alternative indie to metal.

Hardian is a ‘heavy’ 4-piece rock band based in London
Sertari is not your average singer/songwriter – but a gifted artist and skilled composer with a passion for stagecraft and getting the crowd immersed and involved in her music. Born in the UK to a Cypriot family, she was brought up in a quiet town where the closest thing to the Mediterranean is Costa Coffee. Using the stage as an outlet, she has consistently shown the drive, ambition and creativity to achieve great things. Her father was a professional singer and is still one of her biggest inspirations and influences; indeed, Sertari is derived from his stage name (Nicolas Sertari). Her other influences range from the likes of Kate Bush and Madonna to Led Zeppelin and Nightwish.
Sertari on stage!

Dean P.

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