Finding September – History (EP Review)


Looking at young bands releasing new original high quality music it’s always encouraging. Especially when the music is part of the popular ‘pop, rock’ genre! Finding September is one of those bands that give you a weirdly positive energy and vibe with their music. There is a hunger for success that drives them, you can listen to it and you can see it in the eyes of every member of Finding September.

Finding September is a pop punk/alternative rock band based out of San Antonio, Texas. The band was initially formed in the fall of 2016 by drummer Jayden Mermella and guitarist Josh Gomez. After a few lineup changes, the band added current lead vocalist Emily Bayardo and bassist Bethanny Palmer in September 2017. With the addition of new members, the band immediately shifted their focus to writing while maintaining a rigorous performance schedule throughout the San Antonio and Austin area. Within six months of regrouping, the band was ready to head into the studio to record their debut EP ‘History.’

For a ‘fresh’ young band, Finding September are definitely making a very good start. It’s obvious that their having fun and enjoying every aspect of their music. They sound confident and ‘sure’ about what they want to play. The guitars are ‘punchy’ and as ‘edgy’ as needed and some pretty interesting riffs are popping out here and there! The rhythm section is solid and groovy and it provides a decent ‘background’ for the songs to unfold and I would love it if the bass was a bit higher in the mix. Even if it’s not very common to listen to female vocals in rock-punk bands, Emily’s voice is a pleasant surprise here. Her vocals are warm and clean and her passionate but ‘calm’ way of singing is really helping -the rather simple but to the point- vocal melodies to shine.

The songwriting is simple and tasteful. The powerful guitars, speedy and ‘heavy’ drumming and upbeat bass lines are making the punk and heavy metal influences of the band pretty obvious. When they are combined with slower parts, piano breaks and electronic drum beats the results are pretty interesting. All 5 songs are well-written and performed with ‘catchy’ choruses and interesting breaks and fills. The band is experimenting a bit more on the last track of the EP, “Let It Burn” and some heavy metal riffs combined with techno beats and a piano middle break gives us a surprisingly ‘mature’ song that shows the great potential that Finding September has as a band.

‘History’ sounds energetic, raw, and fun. Finding September are honest, young and hungry for success. This EP is a very solid first step to the right direction. Experience will do it’s magic in time. The already solid songwriting will become better and If they dare to experiment a bit more with Emily’s vocals and willing to try out some richer song arrangements the future for Finding September is bright.

The creativity and honesty in their music and lyrics, says a lot about their journey to musical maturity. The fact that the band express themselves in a unique way while still showing respect to their influences (Blink-182, New Found Glory, Sum 41 and more) proves that they have everything they need to succeed. If they keep working hard and keep experimenting,  when sound production values increase a little bit, I’m pretty sure Finding September could aim for the ‘big leagues’. It’s a matter of time.


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